Georgia Victim Impact Panel Class

2 Wings Recovery Victims Impact Panel
operates several Panels throughout the State of Georgia in twelve counties. We offer the right solution for offenders who have been court-mandated to attend a Victim Impact Panel class.  We conduct Victim Impact Panel classes requiring 2.5 hours of instruction, testing, and certificate.  Panel speakers are those whose lives have been tragically affected by a violent crime.

Along with our numerous Metro Atlanta locations, we offer a frequent and flexible schedule making our services more accessible.  Additionally, we address issues that many Victim Impact Panels do not, such as hate crimes, sexual assault, robbery, gang-related crimes, inmate partner violence, transgender assault, drunk driving, and murder.

At 2 Wings Recovery Victim Impact Panel, we provide services for most offenders over the age of 12.  Those who may attend a Victim Impact Panel can be, drivers, high school students, military personnel, officers, counselors, attorneys, judges, and anyone else who works with offenders.

We accommodate walk-ins; no need to schedule a date to attend a Victim Impact Panel.  You can contact us for more information at 706-441-0014 during our normal operating hours.  You may also check the schedule to see when a Panel is taking place.

The victim impact panels are 2.5 hours and are $60 per class.

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Assault $60
Child Abuse/Neglect $60
Drunk/Impaired Driving $60
Gang Crime $60
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Homicide $60
Intimate Partner Violence $60
Property Crime $60
Robbery $60
Sexual Assault $60
Transgender Assault $60


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